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Go Virtual and Save Money, Resources, and Your Time.

Virtual Operation Services

TPOperations is your remote operations team - capable of all your office needs. All of your staffing needs can be handled by our remote experts. Specializing in a variety of office operations. We are your operations partner, so you can get back your valued time and focus on the higher-level tasks!

Virtual Operation Services


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Virtual Administrative Assistants here to help you and your company with a wide variety of day to day tasks and projects! 


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All your bookkeeping needs done quickly and remotely. Speak with one of our experts today on how we can help your team!

Digital Media

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Social Media Content Creation, Web design, Brand Presence, and Marketing Strategies can be difficult to manage. Let our experts help.


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Looking for an extra set of hands with your companies strategies and processes? Speak with one of our experts today.


About Our Team

Company Mission:
Release the pressure valve that builds in business owners whenever legal or day to day issues pop-up. We create a customized solution for each client, starting fresh or building on what is already in place. Our team builds a customized solution tailored to meet the client's objectives while focusing on price, service and doing what is best for the client, so it makes sense for the business and helps the owner put operations issues in their rearview mirror.

Company Values
1. Family first.
2. Growth is the only option.
3. Freedom to manage your way in a changing environment.
4. Can-do self-reliant attitude.
5. Capitalize on individual’s talents and behavioral styles.

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About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

It can be scary to try something new! Let us answer some questions for you right off the bat:

  • Why use Virtual Services?
    Using a Virtual Assistant, or Virtual Services has many perks. Some of the reasons Virtual Services may be for you are: By using our virtual services, you are not only employing one individual. You will be gaining access to our entire team of people with a wide range of specialties. If you’ve ever experienced issues with excessive employee fraternization, the solution is virtual. Our employees are trained to follow honorable guidelines, and our team bills to the minute. We assure you that there is no “down-time” payments being made. The beginning of 2020 has proven that unexpected events have the potential to devastate the business world. In using our virtual services, you have employees ready and able to be working remotely at all times. In the face of any unprecedented future events, remote employees could possibly be more valuable than ever. Virtual services could be the cost saving plan for your business that you’ve been searching for.
  • What are the cost benefits?
    All businesses know about dreaded employee overhead. It is averaged in the business world that an employee’s salary actually costs employers up to 1.4 times their base salary. To put this into numbers, this could mean that an employee with a base salary of $70,000 could actually cost your business somewhere around $98,000. Using our virtual services, you can kiss this overhead goodbye. You choose how much or how little involvement you want your virtual employee to have in your business, and only pay for the work they are doing for you.
  • How do I get started?
    Getting started is easy! To get started you can: Use the Live Chat feature in the bottom corner of your screen. Contact Us. You can expect a reply within 2 business days. We will get you matched with a virtual employee specializing in the specific services you need, and you can get started with them right away!
  • Am I assigned only one Assistant?
    Generally, you will be assigned one point of contact per service you have requested (i.e. bookkeeping, digital services, etc.), but we pride ourselves on working as a team. This is for your convenience so that you are not overwhelmed with lists of emails or contacts, and so that there is no delay in getting your requests handled.
  • What is the expected turn around time?
    For general tasks, you can expect completion within 2 business days. However, it depends on the frequency and size of the project or task requested. There are different options for how you would like to use these services. For example, you can choose to have your Virtual Assistant work with you daily. In this case, you can expect a reply and task completion sooner.

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